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my name is Rasa (Lithuanian roots), i am living in Spain - Tenerife Island (truly lost in paradise) with the most wonderful creatures: my daughter Gloria (my biggest Inspiration), two dogs Bob & Amy and my Man Jose, my True Love & best Dad.
I am Crochet obsessed - love creating beautiful things, practical and easy designs and all with love and simplicity.
My Moto was always 'do something what you love', do a lot of it and teach others, because it's FUN! You can make crochet absolutely everywhere, so it’s unlikely that you meet me without my yarn and hooks on the beach, in the mountains or anywhere. Some people here in Spain are wondering that you make "punto"(crochet) and you are not a grandmother. So i am not and i do it with love!
I can only hope to share with you my love for all the simple things in life which are reflecting on my designs.
Love & Warm Wishes,
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