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  • elke-henkel Purchased 2 months ago
    Mal eine allgemeine Frage, da sich mir der Sinn nicht erschließt. 😅 Warum soll man in der einen Reihe eine Masche zunehmen nur um sie dann in einer anderen Reihe wieder abzunehmen ? Ich hoffe man weiß was ich meine, ich möchte nicht zu sehr ins Detail der Anleitung gehen.
    Vielen Dank im voraus. 🤗
  • carys-evans Purchased 1 years ago
    Hi. Not sure if my question has been answered below. I have done the first part. I have done section 1 and have completed section 2. It then asks to repeat section 2, 2 more times, which is fine.
    Do I then start section 1 again, and then section 2, two more times again. This is repeated 10 more times, in the sequence ?
  • del-1024507 Purchased 2 years ago
    Hi, can someone help me adapt this ohne Form my 9 year old daughter. Any tips please 😉. Thank you so much!
  • martina-schmidt23 Purchased 2 years ago
    Beginner here. Do I repeat rows 1-4 twice each time I complete part 1 an 2?
    So sequence is part 1 and 2, then rows 1-4 twice... and that 10 times?
  • sydney-baer Purchased 2 years ago
    I feel like I might be missing some directions. What do I do after I complete this pattern 10 times. I have completed almost 1/2 of the instructions. WIll I be decreasing? Thanks,
  • sydney-baer Purchased 2 years ago
    Clarification on pattern: are repeating rows 1-4 after each section 1& 2? It says to repeat section 1 & 2 ten times, but wasn’t sure if that includes rows 1-4 two times after knitting the 2 sections. Thank you.
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