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Crocheting an Amigurumi snail

On our portal you will find a wide variety of crocheting manuals for Amigurumi snails. You can choose a colourful snail or crochet a snail with a house. You will discover your favourite snails and you have the possibility to crochet a doorstop snail. Whether you want to crochet a small or a big snail, we offer a suitable tutorial for every taste. Let yourself be inspired! After all, a sweet Amigurumi snail is not only an enrichment for your own home. Also as a gift the funny crochet creepers are very popular. They are wonderfully suitable as an attractive key ring. And as a cheeky bag pendant, a snail Amigurumi is also quite an inspiration.

Simple Amigurumi snail for crocheting beginners

Even though it may seem that making such a small figure requires special knowledge, don't let it worry you. Appearances are deceptive. Crocheting an Amigurumi snail is not difficult at all and is ideal for beginners. Precisely because the cheeky creeper has no limbs, its production from crochet yarn proves to be quite simple. You can remember: The less extras the snail has, the easier it is to crochet. Also, in most of our tutorials, before you buy them or download them for free, you will find an indication of the difficulty level in the general description. Of course you can also discover extravagant Amigurumi snails for advanced crocheters at Crazypatterns. We have a cuddly little creeper for every skill level.

Amigurumi snail instructions in English

Although the idea of crocheting Amigurumis is becoming more and more popular everywhere, it originally comes from Japan. Maybe it has happened to you that you fell in love with an Amigurumi figure and were disappointed to find out that the crocheting instructions are only available in a different language. With us this does not happen! Crazypatterns guarantees you that you will not encounter translation difficulties with the crochet patterns for the Amigurumi Snail. Because all instructions on our portal are in English and German. This way, you don't have to flip through translation books but can start immediately. Nothing stands in the way of your project of crocheting an Amigurumi snail. Step by step you will be guided through the crocheting manual in English or German.

How to crochet an Amigurumi snail?

The process for crocheting an Amigurumi snail is not difficult. First you choose the one you like best from the many great manuals. Even before you click on the corresponding tutorial, you can read whether it is a free manual or what price you have to pay for it. If you click on the tutorial in the overview, you will be redirected and often get additional details, like the difficulty level or suggested material. Only after you have read this explanation, you will download the manual to your computer. Once you have paid for a manual, you can download it again and again for free, but it is more convenient to save it on your computer. Then you can view them even when you are not online. After downloading, you can see what materials you need, which crocheting techniques you have to master and what else is important to crochet the Amigurumi snail.

Which materials are needed for a crocheted snail?

To crochet a snail Amigurumi you need different materials. The most important materials are of course the yarn and the crochet hook. In your selected patterns you will usually find a recommendation for the size of the crochet hook as well as the thickness of the yarn. But this is only a hint to which you are of course not bound. If you have chosen another crochet yarn, you can read on the label which hook size is suitable. Also in your choice of colour you don't have to stick to the pattern from the manual. Your self-crocheted Amigurumi snail will be even more beautiful if you choose the colours according to your taste. In general you need the following tools and crochet materials to crochet an Amigurumi snail:

  • Crochet hooks of different thickness
  • A wool or darning needle for sewing the end of a thread
  • A pair of scissors to cut the yarn
  • Crochet yarns in different colours
  • Filling cotton wool or other material to stuff the crochet snail
  • Auxiliaries of your choice such as adhesive, round markers, etc.
  • Additional accessories such as safety eyes, wire, etc.

Crocheting a colourful snail

If the little crawler has a multi-coloured design, it looks particularly pretty on a plain bag or between green potted plants. To crochet a colourful snail, you have several possibilities. If you are not yet so experienced in handicrafts and would like to make it as easy as possible, choose a colour gradient yarn. With this wool, the individual threads are twisted into each other so that the colour changes continuously. With this, the colours of the yarn will match within one ball of yarn. So you do not have to worry about the design. If you want to design the colourful Amigurumi crochet snail yourself, you use a new colour after one or two crochet rounds. This has the advantage that you can use old yarn leftovers very well.

Crocheting small or large snails

The size of your Amigurumi snail is of course entirely up to your taste and the intended use. If you would like to make a snail that is as delicate as possible, that can be used as a key ring or as a bag pendant, you will find it easier to make it with the thinnest possible crochet thread. Of course, you also have to use a crochet hook in a small size, otherwise your work of art will get holes and the filling material will get out. You can make a big crochet snail with thicker wool. You can also choose a thicker needle size, otherwise you will split the yarn with the tip of the crochet hook by mistake. Whether your Amigurumi snail should be large or small, you must never crochet too loosely! Always tighten your stitches well so that your filling material neither shines through nor comes out!

Crochet a snail with house

You will find on our portal in the Amigurumi snails’ section both snails with house, as well as small slugs. In most cases the snail shell is made separately and then sewn on the little creature. Therefore, you should not only know how to crochet, but also how to use needle and thread. However, special sewing skills are not required. If you don't dare to sew, you can choose a snail that can be made in one piece. It's quite easy because you're just crocheting a long worm. To form the snail shell, you roll up your crochet worm from the back after stuffing.

Crocheting a neck warmer snail

Crocheting a neck warmer snail is not an easy task and is therefore not suitable as a beginner's project. If you want to make a fancy neck warmer with a nice snail on the side, you should have some crocheting experience. In contrast to the Amigurumi figure, the neck warmer snail is not made of single (US: double) stitches. In order for the warming scarf to fit loosely around the neck and to be adjustable to any neck size, it must be elastic. To achieve this, the neck warmer and also the snail are crocheted in knitted and rib stitches. You can of course read how exactly this works in the patterns.

Crocheting doorstop snails

The doorstop snail not only looks cute, it also fulfils a practical purpose. Instead of the usual plastic knob, which is screwed to the floor, you simply place the cheeky crawler between the door and the wall, thus preventing the door handle from hitting ugly notches in the wall. With its practical handle you can lift and move the self-crocheted doorstop snail. This way, it is up to you how far the door can be opened. Because even the thickest crochet yarn is not able to slow down a heavy door, you have to fill the little creeper accordingly. The usual filling cotton would be much too light for this project. Therefore, it is best to use small pebbles or marbles.

Crocheting techniques for your Amigurumi snail

If you belong to the crochet newcomers, you have chosen a simple and nevertheless very attractive project with the Amigurumi snail. Like all Amigurumis, the cute snail is quite small and therefore crocheted rather quickly. You will quickly see a success and after a short time you can be happy about a great little piece of art. You don't have to be a crochet professional to realize your project, but it wouldn't be bad if you already mastered the basics of crocheting. If this is not the case, you don't have to be scared. Only simple stitches are needed, which you can learn quickly if necessary. The following techniques are necessary for crocheting an Amigurumi scroll:

  • Thread ring (= Magic Ring)
  • Chain stitches
  • Single (US: double) crochet stitches
  • Increasing stitches
  • Decreasing stitches
  • You also need to be able to sew the thread and possibly sew parts together.

Help with crocheting an Amigurumi snail - we are here for you!

Even if all patterns on our portal are described in detail and clearly illustrated, it can happen that a problem arises and you don't know what to do. In this case you are not alone with us. Because for questions that occur again and again, there is a help page at Crazypatterns, where you can look for the solution. If you don't find an answer there, you also have the possibility to get your question heard in our forum. There are many experienced users of Crazypatterns, who will gladly help you. If you want to get a general tip on crocheting Amigurumi snails, you should definitely visit our YouTube channel. There we regularly post the latest videos on various topics. And if you have a great trick for the Amigurumi snail crochet tutorials yourself, we look forward to your creative contribution on our Facebook page.

Sell patterns for crocheting snails

If you love Amigurumis and have thought up a decorative, small snail yourself, you can set your pattern for crocheting an Amigurumi snail with us and earn money with it. All you have to do is write an easy to understand text for your manual and then illustrate it with descriptive photos. How you can upload your tutorial and what else you need to consider you can read in our guide to selling instructions.

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