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Welcome to the Crazypatterns affiliate program! Here you have the unique opportunity to earn money by recruiting new users. Simple and easy: Share your personal referral link and as soon as a new customer purchases for the first time using this link, you will receive 30% of the purchase amount. This program is ideal for anyone who wants to share their passion for creativity and benefit from it. Below you will find detailed information about the affiliate program and useful tips on how to get the most out of it.

What is the Crazypatterns affiliate program?

Our affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring new users. Every Crazypatterns user has an individual referral code. When a new user makes a purchase using a link with your code, you will receive 30% of the purchase amount.

Thats how it works

  • Create a link with the referral code: Every user automatically has a referral code. You can find your code further down on this page when you are logged in. This allows you to easily create an advertising link for any Crazypatterns page.
  • Share link: Publish the link on your personal website, in blog posts, on your social media channels, etc.
  • Earn: When a new customer makes a first-time purchase using your link, you will receive 30% of the purchase amount.

Additional Information

  • Cookie tracking: We use browser cookies to recognize users who come through your link. The commission is allocated if the user comes via your link, registers and makes a purchase within 30 days.
  • 30 Day Rule: The new user must sign up and make a purchase within 30 days to receive your commission.
  • Payout: Commissions are added to your Crazypatterns balance account. Payouts are possible at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I create my referral code? You can find your code further down on this page. This code is the same as your Crazypatterns username.
  • How can I share my link? For example, you can share your referral link on your website, blogs or social media.
  • How long is the link valid? The link has no validity period. However, the new user must register and purchase something within 30 days of clicking on the link.

Fairness and transparency:

We value fairness and transparency in our partner program and expect the same from our users. If you have any questions or uncertainties, we are happy to help.

With the Crazypatterns partner program you can easily earn money through recommendations and at the same time introduce other creative minds to handicrafts. Become part of our community and benefit from the advantages of our partner program!

It's important to be transparent with your audience when sharing a referral link. In order to comply with legal requirements, your information regarding links should be as follows:

  • Clear: A clear identifier can be as simple as “paid link”, “advertisement” etc.
  • Unmissable: The disclosure must be clear and cannot be ignored. It needs to be clear, understandable and placed in close proximity to referral links so that it is not missed. It shouldn't require customers to actively search for it.

Your Referral Links

Enter your user name and any URL of our website to generate a referral link.

Or, if you know what you're doing, simply add ref=username to the URL's query string, replacing username with your own username.

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