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A Crochet pattern from Designedbysonya. Instant download after purchase.

Crocheting baby jackets

Of course, every mom imagines the crochet jacket for her baby a little differently. Anyone who needs a particularly light garment will crochet a baby vest without sleeves for their darling. A baby bolero is also more of a top that you wrap your darling in during the summer. When it's cooler outside, you'll crochet sleeves on the baby jacket and maybe even put a hood on the baby's crochet jacket afterwards. It also makes a difference whether you crochet the jacket for girls or whether you design a baby jacket for boys. If you look around our portal, however, all this is no problem. We have so many patterns for crocheting a baby jacket ready for you that we have the right top for your needs.

Crocheting a simple baby jacket for beginners and advanced

Anyone who starts a crochet project naturally wants the result to be amazing. That's why many crochet beginners don't dare to try a baby jacket. If you are a novice too when it comes to the art of crochet, don't let yourself be intimidated! We also have nice crochet patterns for baby jackets for laymen, which you can easily master. The best thing to do is to choose a tutorial in which the jacket is only made in single (UK: double) stitches or double (UK: treble) stitches. In this case the counting for the pattern will no longer be necessary. Of course, the passionate crochet artist doesn't have to keep on googling. Because also for advanced crocheters we have wonderful manuals to crochet a baby jacket. Demanding patterns and extravagant designs promise a varied challenge for the professional.

Baby jacket crochet patterns in English

Anyone looking for crochet patterns for baby jackets on the World Wide Web will not only find English pages. After all, foreign mothers crochet pretty tops for their little ones as well. However, these tutorials are of course also in a foreign language. If you are lucky, you can translate the technical terms with the help of a good lexicon. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work. With Crazy Patterns you don't have to struggle with such problems. Because all the patterns for crocheting a baby jacket are in English. Once you have discovered your favorite jacket, you can start immediately without any translation help.

How do you crochet a baby jacket?

After you have seen your favorite piece in the overview of our patterns for crocheting a baby jacket, you already know whether it is a free tutorial or a fee-based manual. Once you have completed the checkout process with your payment, you can immediately download the manual. You can either download it once and save it on your computer. This has the advantage that you can also use it when you are not online. Or you can download the manual each time you want to check something. Of course, there are no new charges for this. In any case, you should read through the tutorial completely before you start. You will get tips on the required crochet yarn as well as on the appropriate size of the crochet hook. In addition, the necessary crocheting techniques will be clarified, and a few color suggestions will also be presented. Once you have everything together, your crochet adventure can begin.

Which materials are needed for crocheting baby jackets?

The most important things for crocheting a baby jacket are of course yarn and crochet hook. If you don't want to stick to the recommendation of the tutorial, it's up to you, of course. In this case, however, the indicated needle size might not match your project. To find the right crochet hook for your favorite yarn, check the label. In addition to the crochet yarn and the corresponding crochet hook, you will also need a few other tools to complete your project. The following overview will show you what you need:

  • One or more crochet yarns in the colors of your choice.
  • Possibly other materials, like buttons for closing or funny stickers for sewing on.
  • Crochet hooks in the sizes matching the respective crochet yarn.
  • A wool or darning needle so you can sew the thread ends neatly.
  • A pair of scissors to cut the threads.
  • Other tools such as a round marker to mark the beginning of your round.

Crocheting a one-piece baby jacket

If you want to crochet the baby jacket in one piece, it is best to start with the neckline. By increasing the stitches, which is described in detail in the pattern for the baby's crochet jacket, you can create pretty sleeves with a raglan cut. And also, the back and the two front parts become wider and adapt to the baby's upper body. Once you have chosen a simple pattern, the one-piece baby jacket is ideal as an entry-level project for crochet beginners. And because you don't have to sew any pieces together, great sewing skills aren't required either.

Crocheting a hood onto a baby jacket

Especially when it gets windy, a hoodie jacket proves to be especially practical. When a small breeze kicks in, you've quickly put the hood over your darling's head. And when the wind is over again, it's just as easy to take it off again. Crocheting the hood isn't difficult either, because it's actually just a rectangle. To make a hood for any baby jacket, you have to make the rectangle so that its long sides are the same length as the neckline. Fold the finished rectangle in the middle and sew the top together. Attach the bottom to the neckline and your baby jacket with hood is ready.

Crocheting sleeves onto a baby jacket

To make sure the sleeves don't get too wide for your baby jacket, measure the circumference of your baby's wrist. You can then use a gauge to calculate exactly how many stitches you need in width and how many rows you need to crochet to get from the armhole of the vest to the wrist. The number of chain stitches for the foundation chain depends on the size of the armhole. Either you adjust your foundation chain exactly, or you calculate the number of chain stitches using your gauge. To get the width you want on the cuff, decrease the number of stitches evenly at the end of the row while crocheting the sleeves. If you don't want "steps" to appear at the end of the row when crocheting sleeves onto the baby jacket, don’t decrease the last stitch, but rather two stitches before the end of the row.

Crocheting a colorful baby jacket

Little children like bright colors very much. Therefore, it is a good idea to make a colorful crochet jacket for the baby. If you are not an experienced crocheter and are worried that you won't manage the color change, you can simply use a gradient yarn to crochet the baby jacket. This makes a colorful jacket without you having to worry about a color change. If you don't mind sewing lots of threads, you can also start a new color with every second crochet row. The result is a colorful striped jacket in which you can process a lot of leftover yarn at the same time.

Crocheting a baby jacket for girls

Surely you would like to give your princess the appearance of a little lady as soon as possible. Of course, this also includes that she has a pretty, girly jacket. If you belong to the crochet professionals, you can really let off steam with an elaborate pattern in the flower or shell look with the crochet jacket for girls. But even if you've just started crocheting, and don't know much more than single (UK: double) stitches, you can still crochet a cute baby jacket for girls. The easiest way is to crochet the jacket in a soft pink and then embroider it with sweet flowers. A heart sticker also looks good on the girl's jacket. And little ribbons you sew on are also perfect decorative elements.

Crocheting a baby jacket for boys

Even if your little hero may not yet be able to say what he likes, you can assume that he looks particularly cute in an animal jacket. For a boy, a bear, lion or dog jacket is suitable. But also a small traditional jacket could be crocheted wonderfully as a baby jacket for boys. If you don't want the warm top to be quite so unusual, simply crochet a dark blue jacket. Forgo dainty patterns for this. To make the crochet jacket for boys more masculine, you can crochet small pockets on it. However, a cute car sticker is also a great way to decorate your jacket.

Crocheting a raglan baby jacket

If you want to sew as few individual pieces as possible together and prefer to crochet the jacket for your darling in one piece, the raglan baby jacket is ideal. You start it from the top and increase it so that the raglan line between the front or back and the sleeves is even. Raglan sleeves are particularly popular with baby jackets because they give the little one more freedom of movement. The sporty cut is less restrictive below the arms. And even with a thick T-shirt underneath the raglan baby jacket, your little darling can move their arms effortlessly.

Crocheting a bolero for babies

A self-crocheted baby bolero is particularly exquisite and stylish. Even if the short jacket is not suitable for the winter, the little lady in the bolero is dressed stylishly and up to date. In the transition period and in summer, the trendy jacket also protects against the wind. If it suddenly gets chilly outside, it warms up the young lady. And if you want to make your little girl particularly pretty for a festivity, the trendy bolero against the fresh summer wind is also a good choice. If you use a cotton yarn for crocheting, your baby can even wear the bolero as a light, open blouse in summer.

Crocheting a vest for babies

Because a vest without sleeves is not quite as warm as a hooded jacket, it can also be used as an overcoat in the house. With a long-sleeved sweater underneath, your little darling is warmly dressed. On the other hand, the self-crocheted vest for a baby can be taken off quickly if your darling starts to sweat while playing and romping about. The vest can either be made in one piece or you can crochet the two fronts and the back separately. If you want to make it easy for yourself, you can work simple, straight rectangles without any decreases. Then you can also crochet the vest for the baby as a beginner. But even with rounded armholes and a nice collar, the jacket without sleeves is not a very difficult project.

Crochet techniques for baby jackets

Although the patterns for crocheting baby jackets are very detailed and descriptive, you are expected to know a few basic crocheting techniques. Unusual designs will of course be explained to you in the tutorial. But you should already be able to do basics such as single (UK: double) stitches or double (UK: treble) stitches. If you have never had a crochet hook in your hand before, you can teach yourself the necessary crochet techniques. Our free crochet encyclopedia is a great help for you. The following techniques are generally regarded as a prerequisite and are not explained separately:

  • You always need chain stitches.
  • Single (UK: double) stitches should not be foreign to you either.
  • Usually you cannot do without slip stitches.
  • And you also have to increase stitches,
  • as well as decrease crochet stitches.
  • And besides crocheting, it is essential that you can sew a thread and that you can
  • sew on individual parts.

Tips for crocheting a baby jacket

Even if you are patiently guided step by step through the great patterns on Crazy Patterns, you might still make a mistake. If you don't know what to do, then you're not on your own with us. You can contact the large community in our forum for help. There you will find many enthusiastic crocheters who will certainly be happy to help you. If you have a rather general question, you can look it up on our help page. There we have collected and answered numerous frequently asked questions. In the videos on our YouTube channel you can learn a lot about crocheting baby jackets. And because the films are updated regularly, you'll always discover new tips and tricks. If you have a great idea about how to crochet baby jackets, we'd appreciate a creative post on our Facebook page.

Selling crochet patterns for baby jackets

With us, creativity is rewarded with cash. If you come up with your own patterns for crocheting baby jackets, you can upload them with us and sell them. In order to earn a small extra, you have to put the crochet pattern into an easy to understand, simple text. Then you illustrate your manual with informative pictures and already you can post it with us. How the upload works and what you have to pay attention to is explained in detail in our guide to selling patterns.

And if you don't just like crocheting, but also like to pick up the knitting needles, Crazy Patterns is the right place for you. We have a large knitting section with many great knitting tutorials. By the way, for the passionate seamstress we can offer a considerable section with wonderful sewing patterns. And if you're a hobby DIYer, you'll be thrilled by the cool ideas in our DIY category. Just have a look around! You are very welcome!