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Crochet for dogs with simple tutorials

When crocheting for dogs it is not important whether you are a layman or a professional in handicrafts. On our website you will find a suitable tutorial for every level of knowledge. If you count yourself among the advanced ones, you will have no problem with crocheting a dog sweater or a small dog toy. If you are not a crochet master, but rather a beginner in the field of crocheting, you can try a dog basket or a nice dog blanket. Since not only humans but also dogs have very different characters, you should read the instructions for dog toys carefully before you start working. Not every toy is suitable for every furry friend. There are dogs that are very affectionate with their toys. Others love it when it gets messy and when they can tear things apart.

Instructions for crocheting dog clothing

It is not so absurd to crochet a sweater for your dear, four-legged comrade for the cold season. Especially small dogs with short fur get cold quickly in winter temperatures. Here, a dog sweater or a dog coat can help. Of course, not every four-legged friend needs warming clothing. If you still want to make a pretty crochet accessory for your puppy, you can crochet a dog collar or a dog harness.

Crochet dog sweater

If you want to crochet a warming piece of clothing for your little furry friend, you have to pay special attention to the material. Make sure that you don't use yarn that can get statically charged when crocheting a dog sweater. Because you won’t do your furry friend any good there. You should also remember that no matter how great the instructions, dogs in particular do not meet any standards due to the many different breeds and the even more different mixes that result. For a perfectly fitting dog sweater you have to measure not only the belly circumference, the back length and the neck circumference of your dog, but you should also expect small changes in your manual. It is best to try on your dog's sweater again and again while you are crocheting. Then you can react immediately if it does not fit anywhere. As a first crochet work for a beginner the dog sweater is not suitable by the way.

Crochet dog coat

In contrast to the dog sweater, the dog coat usually warms only from above. This means that it is either closed at the bottom with buttons or held together with ribbons. If you use ribbons, this has the advantage that you can vary the size a little and your four-legged friend will still fit into his crocheted dog coat even if he has put on a little weight. When it comes to the material, you should again look for a wool that won’t charge statically and is easily washable, as well. Because if your little furry friend is not allowed to romp around anymore just to keep his winter coat clean, he won't be very enthusiastic about it. For crochet beginners the dog coat is easier to make than the sweater. It often consists only of several rectangles, which are sewn together.

Crochet dog collar

When crocheting a dog collar, you have to decide whether the finished collar should also serve as a holder for the dog leash, or whether it is simply intended as an ornament, like a human necklace. With a large dog you should always see the self-crocheted collar as an ornament only. For a small puppy, you can add a ring to the collar to create a way to attach the leash when walking. Make sure that your crocheted dog collar is neither too tight nor too loose. If it is too tight, your dog could choke itself with it. If the collar is too wide, your dog may get stuck somewhere with it while playing. You can decorate the collar with your own crocheted flower or a pretty bow.

Crochet dog harness

If you want to crochet dog harnesses yourself, you not only have to crochet very firm stitches, but also choose a yarn that does not stretch if possible. After all, the harness should be able to withstand the pull of your dog when walking them. Also, make sure that the straps of the crochet harness are not too thin and cannot cut into your four-legged friend's flesh. Before you start crocheting, you have to measure the neck and chest circumference of your furry baby. Because the crochet harness must not be too loose and also not too tight. For putting on the dog leash, you will attach two rings on the upper side. Additionally, you can decorate your crocheted dog harness with a crocheted flower or a little bell.

Crochet dog toy

Not every puppy has a short coat and freezes in winter. If you still want to make your little friend happy with a crochet accessory, dog toys are a good idea. You should consider the habits of your dog. If he loves to play fetch, a ball or a throwing ring that you can throw far away is a really nice idea. If your dog prefers to fight and pulls and tugs with passion, you should crochet a bone or a twisted rope for him. Depending on the size of the four-legged friend, your crocheted dog toy may be smaller or larger.

Crochet Amigurumi Bones

Of course, the little furry friend can't eat up the self-crocheted bone, but he will definitely take it in his mouth. So, make sure that you use a yarn that does not fray easily. You should also crochet very firmly so that the filling material of the bone is not pushed through the stitches when playing. The Amigurumi bone is not difficult to crochet because it is made up of several individual parts. However, you should know how to increase or decrease stitches in this crochet work. By the way, a crocheted bone not only has the advantage that it lasts long, it is also so nice and soft which even makes it suitable for playing in the living room.

Crochet throw ring for dogs

The self-crocheted dog throw ring or dog donut is also suitable as a toy for indoors and outdoors. Because it's nice and soft, you don't have to worry that your little friend might damage a cupboard or the table when spinning it around. Another advantage of the throwing ring is that you can take the size of your dog and especially his mouth into account when crocheting. For a Yorkshire you can make the ring thinner and softer than for a Beagle or a Labrador Retriever. Whether you use coloured or plain yarn is up to your taste. Because dogs are dichromatic and see better than humans, but they don’t see as many colours.

Crocheting dog bed and dog basket

To give your dog bed the necessary stability, you should crochet it from a yarn that is as thick as possible. It is best to use a fabric yarn for this. You can buy this, or you can cut old T-shirts into strips and make it yourself. The firmer you crochet, the more solid your dog basket will be. If you can't get the stitches tight enough, simply use a smaller crochet hook. This will automatically make your crocheted dog basket firmer. But you have to consider that you need more muscle grease for a thick yarn. It is quite tiring to crochet with a strong thread. Although, even if you take a break from time to time, the uncomplicated dog bed is certainly finished quickly.

Which material do I need for crocheting dog accessories?

Since dogs like to put their toys, leashes and harnesses in their mouths, you have to make sure that the yarn won’t fray or fuzz. When you crochet dog clothing, make sure that the wool won’t get statically charged. And for a dog bed or a dog basket, it is best to use a thick fabric yarn. In addition to the crochet yarn, you will of course need a crochet hook. You choose the appropriate crochet hook, as always, to match the wool. In order for your crochet work to be as firm as possible, you should decide on the smallest size indicated. For cutting the thread, you need scissors and eventually a darning needle for sewing the ends. If you are crocheting stuffed dog toys, use filling wool or cotton wadding.

Help with crocheting for dogs? We will assist you!

Although we always make sure that our patterns are easy to understand, there still might be one that you need help with. If your problem is a general crochet question, you can read about it on our help page. There we have collected the answers to many crochet questions. If it's a specific project that you're having trouble with when crocheting for dogs, feel free to contact the ever-helpful community on our forums. Surely someone will be willing to look for a solution together with you. For general tips and tricks on crocheting, we recommend our YouTube channel. There you'll find many easy-to-understand videos that we update regularly. And if you have a great idea for crocheting for dogs, we look forward to your post on our Facebook page. If you'd rather get our latest crochet info through Instagram, you're welcome to follow us there too!

Sell crochet instructions for dog accessories

If you are one of the passionate crocheters and have already designed a dog toy or dog clothing yourself, you can post your tutorials on our website and earn some money with it. All you have to do is to put your dog crochet tutorial in simple words and add explanatory pictures or photos. You can find out how to upload the manual in the guide to selling patterns.

By the way, in case you haven't noticed, we are not a pure crochet portal. If you are a passionate seamstress, knitter or simply love crafts, you will also find a separate category for your hobby here.

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