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Decoration: Do you need something new?

roticanai (Oct 22, 2018, 9:10 PM)

The Holy Family will be at the centre of all you Christmas decoration. And the best: If you have children, they can play and cuddle with Mary Joseph and Christ, so they will learn all about the wonders of Christmas.
Here you will find the pattern: CLICK!

new patterns / November 2016

roticanai (Dec 2, 2016, 6:47 PM)
AHOI! For all who love the maritime style, my brandnew shawl and wrist warmers HAMBURG AHOI will be real fun to knit. But they look great in other colours as well – my test knitters realized the shawl wtj completely different colours and stripe design to match their wardrobe.
Whatever your choice – the outcome will be a wow!-piece.

Good to know: The bobbles are not knitted but crocheted. I included a tutoriol with many pictures.
Actually, I think crocheted bobbles are nicer than knitted ones, plus you avoid ugly floats on the backside. Another plus: You are completely free where to place them when the shawl is already finished. On the backside, there are many loose ends to be woven in, but this is worked much quicker than you would expect.

This way to the shawl: Click!

This way to the wrist cuffs: Click!

amigurumi + stuffed animals

roticanai (Dec 2, 2016, 6:35 PM)
I love designing stuffed animals – that's probably the part of me that never really grew up. But so what! It's just nice to bring them to life ... you want to try as well? Or you are already into toy making? Please check out my shop – you will find many knitted animals who are just waiting to be made by you and find new friends!

This way to my shop: Click!

Here is a choice of the animals:

amigurumi / stuffed animals

roticanai (Nov 3, 2016, 4:50 PM)
And here comes the last one of my arctic (and antarctic) friends: Akiak the Walrus. Despite his fearsome teeth, he is a rather unhurried fellow. Snuggled into his cosy pullover (which is only for show – his blubber keeps him warm enough) he dozes away most of the day ...

Akiak is not an easy knit, but not too difficult either. His body is formed with short rows knitted in the round, which sounds more difficult then it actally is. Advanced knitters will love him, and he makes a perfect gift for kids (and grown ups) looking for more unusual compagnions.

Here is the way to the pattern site: Click!

easy patterns

roticanai (Nov 3, 2016, 2:58 PM)
Here comes Lokman the Tiger. He can be knitted in the round or, if you prefer, flat. He is easy to make, and of course you have the option to stitch him a different face. When I made my tiger, it seems I was in a strange mood ;-) He looks a bit sad, but maybe that's the reason why I love him so dearly. (I know, usally it's the softies job to comfort you, but in this case, I always want to comfort HIM ;-))
Have fun with your new friend!
Yours Steffi

Follow me to the pattern: Click!

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