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A Knitting pattern from AtelierKOBRI. Instant download after purchase.
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A Knitting pattern from Wollness-Designs. Instant download available.

Whether it's jewellery, hair bands, pendants or mobile phone cases - there are beautiful knitted alternatives for many of these accessories. With creative knitting patterns for accessories, you not only save money, but also create truly unique pieces. You can knit many small and practical things for everyday life yourself by using our knitting patterns for accessories.

Various knitting patterns for accessories

Are you a beginner in knitting? Then our knitting patterns for accessories are a good way to knit small and very easy to make things yourself. It doesn't have to be a jumper with a complicated knitting pattern - a simple necklace or scarf would be ideal to start with. With the different accessories you can spice up your outfit or create practical everyday things from natural materials.

Our accessory knitting tutorials are perfect if you're looking for a personalised gift for your loved ones. Let yourself be inspired and give your friends or family something practical and beautiful at the same time - perhaps for a birthday, as a small Christmas present or for another occasion. At Crazypatterns, you can choose the knitting patterns for accessories that best suit your skills.

Examples for knitting accessories

Whether you are looking for simple knitting patterns for accessories that even novice knitters can do well, or more challenging patterns that are reserved for knitting professionals - at Crazypatterns you will find the right patterns for knitting accessories for every level of difficulty.

Here are some examples of knitting accessories. Choose something suitable for your next knitting project.

  • Knitted or knotted necklace
  • necklace loop
  • knitted necklace
  • scarf
  • bow
  • mobile phone case
  • hair band
  • Bracelet
  • Arm warmers
  • Cap
  • Wrap
  • pendant
  • and more knitting patterns

Knitted necklaces and other jewellery

You don't like expensive jewellery made of gold, silver or platinum, but prefer natural variations? Then how about knitted jewellery for a change? Not only is it much cheaper, it also looks much more natural and creative. At Crazypatterns you will find numerous knitting patterns for accessories with which you can easily knit your own desired necklace. For example, short necklaces, medium-length or long necklaces. A particularly beautiful example is the knotted necklace, which skilfully draws the eye to itself. You can also knit your own small or large pendants to go with your necklace.

Necklace loop - fashionable and chic at the same time

The loop is currently all the rage. This is a round scarf that is worn loosely around the neck. Instead of the warming version for chilly days, you can also knit a necklace loop as a special accessory. Vary the pattern and colours to have the right loop jewellery ready for different outfits.

Knitted collar for more elegance

Necklaces are worn very tightly and are also used to accessorise outfits. Create your very own look by knitting small, narrow or slightly wider collars with the matching knitting patterns for accessories.

Scarf - a classic among accessories

Of course, the classic scarf is still a popular accessory that many people don't want to do without in winter and on chilly days in autumn. Whether you're looking for a thick or thin scarf, or one with a fancy pattern, knit a scarf with the Crazypatterns accessory knitting tutorials.

Knitted bow for a playful look

Do you love to add playful details to your outfit? Then a small knitted bow would be a great choice to spice up your look. You can attach the bow to other garments or use it to embellish a scarf or bag. Add a visual highlight with a coloured bow.

Mobile phone case - cosy packaging for your smartphone

Small scratches and cracks in the display don't have to be. Instead of just relying on the protective film, you can protect your smartphone even better against damage in the future with a knitted mobile phone cover. And the best thing about it is that the cover looks really chic and you can create your own individual piece when you use knitting patterns for accessories from Crazypatterns.

Protect your hair with soft hairbands

Another nice idea for practical everyday things are hairbands. Here you can knit accessories that are often used with hair. Create as many hairbands as you like with our knitting patterns for accessories. The advantage of knitted models is that they don't put a lot of strain on the hair like classic elastics, but are effectively gentle thanks to the soft materials. Broken hair is a thing of the past.

Fancy bracelets

Bracelets are also very popular accessories. They come in many different materials. In addition to the classic precious metals (e.g. gold, silver), you can wear ones made of leather or the knitted version. Find the right knitting patterns for accessories, for example for a narrow or wide bracelet in the desired design.

Cosy knitted hats for cold days

In winter, we lose most of our heat through our heads, so we need a cosy hat. Why not use knitting patterns for accessories to knit a few beautiful hat variants? Whether in plain colours, with a pattern or as a reversible hat - there are no limits to your creativity. The popular pom-pom hats are always a great idea for children.

Arm warmers - for warm arms

In the cold season, scarfs, hats and arm warmers are used as warming accessories. Cuffs are simply pulled over the forearms and serve as a substitute for long woollen jumpers. The ideal combination is a short jumper with chic knitted cuffs that are colour-coordinated with your outfit.

Wrap for the little ones

Do you always want to have your baby very close to you? Then why not choose a soft wrap that will keep your baby close to your body at all times.

Tip: Take a look at our "New products" section. Here you will find the latest knitting patterns for accessories and other knitted, sewn or crocheted textiles.

Why knitting accessories makes sense

Our knitting patterns for accessories offer you several advantages. Not only do you save money, but you also give yourself or others a treat.

Here you will find an overview of all the advantages of knitting:

  • Quickly finished: Most accessories only need very few materials and can be knitted in a short time. Necklaces and bracelets are the quickest to knit, but scarves, loops and hairbands can also be knitted quickly with a little practice. The small accessories are therefore also ideal if you are still looking for a gift and want to create something in a flash.
  • Success after only a short time: The simple knitting patterns for accessories quickly create the feeling of having achieved something, especially for absolute knitting beginners. Ideal for beginners, if you want to have something tangible to show as quickly as possible.
  • Practical and inexpensive companions: Knitting accessories is easy, practical and inexpensive. You don't have to buy as many accessories and you have many practical things for everyday life at your fingertips.
  • Simple: As a rule, knitting patterns for accessories are uncomplicated and easy to follow, even for beginners.
  • Individual: With self-knitted accessories you stand out from the crowd, because only you wear these individual pieces.

Tip: Use different knitting techniques to add variety to your accessories. You can find the right knitting techniques for different pieces in our other knitting tutorials. Alternatively, find out more about the latest ideas in one of our YouTube tutorials or on our Facebook profile.

Versatile knitting patterns for everyone

Knitting accessories is fun and a pleasant pastime. Maybe in front of the fireplace in the evening or while watching your favourite TV movie? You can knit accessories as a beginner or as an advanced knitter. To get started, you might need a little support, which you can find in the matching knitting patterns at Crazypatterns. Simply download, get your materials and get started. Like the patterns for beginners, the knitting patterns for advanced knitters are also precisely illustrated. The PDF patterns are ideal for printing out and re-knitting.

Knitting accessories - simple patterns for beginners

Most of our accessory knitting patterns are easy to knit with basic know-how. To get started, choose accessory knitting patterns that are specially marked for beginners. Or choose knitting patterns with simple materials in only one yarn colour and without difficult stitches.

Crazypatterns makes it easy for you to knit the accessories you want. All the individual steps are explained in detail and illustrated with additional pictures. If you follow all the steps, you will soon have your latest accessory in your hands. In the knitting patterns for accessories, there is always a reference to the suitable yarns and knitting needle sizes for orientation.

Knitting patterns for accessories - no problem for advanced knitters

Do you love knitted garments in your wardrobe and still need the accessories to personalise your outfits? With our accessory knitting tutorials, you can knit a variety of accessories, including sophisticated pieces. Vary with different yarns and knitting stitches to knit extra creative pieces. Maybe as a gift for yourself or for your family or friends. There is an accessory for everyone that is chic, fashionable or simply practical.

What do you need to know to knit accessories?

As a complete knitting beginner, you might be wondering what the different stitches are all about. No problem, before you start knitting accessories, you can get an overview in our forum. Learn more about the different knitting needles, the best yarns for knitting or different techniques. Crazypatterns' patterns also give you tips on which techniques and materials are important for each project. Use the advice in the tutorial and get more detailed information in our community if you need more support.

Which materials are the right ones?

If you want to knit different accessories, you will need several knitting needles and yarns in different thicknesses. Depending on whether you want to knit thin or thicker versions, it's best to keep a small stock of your favourite yarns. Accessories that come into direct contact with the skin should be as easy to wash as possible. Try yarns made of cotton and polyacrylic or virgin wool to find the best varieties for knitting accessories. If you don't want to focus on the warming aspect of your accessories, you can also use thinner yarns.

Tip: Knitting needles in different thicknesses and matching yarns are often available in inexpensive sets for knitting beginners, so you can order the basic equipment at a lower price.

For every budget - knitting patterns for accessories

At Crazypatterns, you can choose between paid, free and reduced knitting patterns for accessories. The quality is always the same. Only the price varies, so you can always find the right accessory knitting pattern for your current budget. Choose the right knitting patterns for accessories according to your taste - free of charge or for a small fee that goes to the author of the patterns.

Free patterns for knitting accessories

You don't have to pay anything for the free knitting patterns for accessories. The content is the same as for the fee-paying offers. All details of the description are, as usual, of high quality and clearly designed by Crazypatterns. Free accessory knitting tutorials are available for beginners and advanced knitters, so you can always find something to suit your knitting level.

Reduced knitting patterns for accessories

The reduced knitting patterns for accessories that you can find in our Sale section are very affordable. Here you can see all the patterns for knitting accessories that are on sale for a reduced fee. Up to 50 percent price savings are not uncommon here.

The sale is ideal if you only have a small budget and want to download as many great knitting patterns for accessories as possible at once. Stock up in time for the holiday season to have enough fabric for knitting at home. The reduced-price knitting patterns for accessories are just as high quality and explained in detail, so that even beginners can start knitting straight away.

Selling knitting patterns for accessories

Your wardrobe is bursting with accessories you've knitted over the last few months or years? Then it's time to share your creations with others. Sell your creative accessory ideas by writing matching patterns and posting them for sale on Crazypatterns. This way you can supplement your budget and use the proceeds to buy new yarns and knitting needles.

Why not get started right away? Decide which accessory you want to make available for download. If you've never posted anything before, let our customers inspire you. Here you will find the most popular knitting patterns and see what our users value.

A good and detailed description in combination with expressive photos in the right places are just as important here as individual tips on materials and implementation. A good instruction for knitting accessories should also include a note on suitability for beginners or advanced knitters.

Have you described everything completely and already inserted the pictures? Then do a final test and go through everything step by step.

  1. imagine that you want to knit the accessory and make sure that it is really easy to knit it with your patterns.
  2. Are there any details missing or is everything correct?
  3. Add to the patterns or put them online directly after you have created a PDF.
  4. check the image quality one last time and whether the complete description is included in the PDF.
  5. now you can upload your knitting patterns.

Are you unsure if everything fits? Then ask for help in our forum. Maybe another knitting pro can take a quick look to see if your patterns are written in a way that is easy to understand. Our practical guide will also help you with uploading and posting.

Note: Only your own photos and text are allowed. Never copy content of third parties to avoid infringing copyrights.

Innovations and bestsellers

All the patterns you will find in the "New" section are brand new. Many new ideas from our users are published here and are ready to be knitted. Crazypatterns is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for all those who regularly want to try new knitting challenges. The best patterns that are ordered most often by our users can be found in our "Orderers" section. It's worth taking a look here often.

Knit the right accessory for any occasion

Are you still lacking the right ideas for accessories?

  • Festive accessories: Knit yourself an elegant necklace, bracelet or choker if you're missing an accessory.
  • Accessories to give as a gift: Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas or another important occasion - just knit the right accessories for your loved ones.
  • Accessories for kids: Whether colourful mobile phone cases or friendship bracelets - there are also great accessories for children.

Why knit a stitch sample?

Before starting any major knitting project, we recommend that you make a stitch test. This way you can check exactly how many rows and stitches are needed to ensure that your accessory will turn out perfectly and that you can make your patterns available for download later with the correct information. The stitch gauge will vary depending on the thickness and material of the yarn, the gauge of the guarantor and needle, and the knitting pattern you choose. 10 x 10 cm is sufficient to make your gauge. Then use a ruler to determine the number of rows and stitches. These should correspond with the information in the knitting patterns for accessories.

More tips for knitting accessories

Use Crazypatterns to improve your knitting skills or find new ideas to implement. Don't be afraid of complicated-sounding knitting patterns for accessories. With a little practice and support from our forum, you're sure to get the project done.

Do you have a knitting question that is not answered in the patterns? Then simply contact members directly in our community area. There are many beginners and professionals here who will be happy to help you with your knitting. Exchange information in the forum about specific knitting stitches or other general questions. If no one has asked you a question yet, you can post it yourself and wait for answers from other Crazypatterns users.

You can also find more inspiration and background knowledge on our Facebook account or on the YouTube channel, where you can find knitting, crochet and sewing tutorials.

Crazypatterns support offer

Our support team is available for all technical questions. You can simply send an email via the Crazypatterns contact form. Alternatively, you can send us an email directly to support@crazypatterns.net or have a look at the FAQ page, where many of our users' questions have already been answered.