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  • ally-gruber Purchased 3 years ago
    Please help. After part 14 on row 35 you have
    76 stitches and row 36 is 88 stitches ......how does that work?
  • Reatcormick Purchased 8 years ago
    Hello, I bought the pattern for the gold fish and I think there are mistakes in the pattern
    On the fish body row 26 and 28 I believe is wrong because the end count of stitches does not match the number of stitches you asked us to make.
    And the next thing after row 28 you ask for
    1 sc in the 2nd St from hook ( here and further – miss first ch), 14 sc, turning (15)
    It don't make sense to me. Am I missing part of the direction?
    Please help
    • EVER_ONE_AMI Author Reatcormick 8 years ago
      Hello Dear Reatcormick,
      Thank you for your comment, I will help you with pleasure,
      Row 26: 5sc, 38hdc, 5sc (48)
      About row 28 you can also make first 2 stitches as decrease,
      If you have any other questions please let me know,
      Sincerely Laila
      • Reatcormick Purchased EVER_ONE_AMI 8 years ago
        Dear Laila,
        I tried what you told me to do and still kind of lost.
        After row 28
        It starts row 1 again
        Do I drop what I crochet, the last 28 rows and start a new row?
        Do I chain 15 on this 1st row after row 28?
        It says sc on and stitch on hook, but if I continue row 28, what does it mean so on 2nd stitch from hook?
        The only thing I can think of is maybe I am suppose to chain 15? And sc on second chin from hook. Is that what you mean?
        Directions aren't clear to me what I do after row 28
        Also I did what you told me to do in row 26
        But then row 27 don't match what is listed before I go to row 28
        Please help
        My son wants a fish and I am wanting to make this for him
        Thank you for your help
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