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  • Tamica 8 years ago
    Hi...love your patterns! But a word of warning I saw a warning on fb a year ago that if you sell items or patterns that are copyrighted, registered "images" of Disney, their lawyers will come after you & fine you heavily. They're on the look out! Walmart & another chain were easy targets for their cheap, knock off Disney character stuffed toys. Big company's can pay the fines & copyright fees. Their knock-off image of "Olaf" from frozen was so "ugly" & a poor image of him, but an "image" none the less. I noticed that item is no longer sold there, but other bad copies are!
    People have lost their businesses and paid huge fines. You can "buy" a copyright from them.... but it's extremely expensive. I don't want to see you lose your wonderful business.
    Disney Lawyers are on the look out for their images being sold without prior permission. I'd look into info on it if I were you. Remove the Daisy hat pattern right away while you do research on it, so you don't get shut down. I want to see you continue your business. Check Disney's site & find their copyright info. Please!
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