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  • vicki-strachan Purchased 1 years ago
    I just bought this pattern and no matter what I do it will not down load. I would like a. Refund pls
  • joy-shaw Purchased 1 years ago
    I bought this pattern yesterday and I'm very disappointed with it. It's not easy to follow and although I've allowed for the difficult translation to English, it is still not at all clear. I am an experience knitter and run my own business knitting baby clothes. I've been knitting for about 60years but parts of this had me stumped. it's not worth the money and it's wasted money. I've gone to Etsy and paid double but got a very good pattern and already made 2 sets of trainer bootees.
  • evelyn-adams1 Purchased 1 years ago
    I have to agree that this is a very poorly written pattern but that is probably because of the language barrier, not always easy to translate to English. However, I did not have any problems downloading, printing or saving the English version but will need to go through it and re-write it in a format that I can understand - I absolutely hate picture instructions and prefer written instructions. Not worth paying for when you have to do all the work yourself.
  • meg-connor Purchased 2 years ago
    I bought the baby converse pattern but don't have winzip and can't open the pattern. Absolutely nowhere in the contact section to send a message about this!
    could you send as pdf please?
  • lorne-dryburgh Purchased 4 years ago
    Do the words "pick up" and "loop" mean "cast on" and "stitch"?
  • lorne-dryburgh Purchased 4 years ago
    Petra has since sent me this pattern in English and I am sure I will be able to make these cute wee bootees. I think I did not understand that the pattern would come to me in German rather than English. I would like to withdraw the earlier comments. Petra has been very helpful in making sure I got the English version. I am very grateful to her.
  • lorne-dryburgh Purchased 4 years ago
    I agree with all the comments below. I have paid for this pattern. The only version I can open is in German. Cannot open or print a usable pattern in English. I am a very experienced knitter but I canot understand the English instructions for this pattern. A real rip off, waste of money, which I don't suppose I have a hope of getting back. A warning to everyone not to buy this pattern.
  • jan-andrews Purchased 4 years ago
    I don't seem to be able to get this pattern to open or print.
    Is it possible please to send to my Email address, craftyknits49@gmail.com
    Thank you very much.
  • eileen-fisher Purchased 6 years ago
    its a very badly written pattern, no instructions on needle size, wool size.
  • Taylor3 Purchased 7 years ago
    I have paid for the pattern but when I press on downloads I cannot get the pattern.. can you send to me please.. thank you.
    Ann Robinson
  • Frehlich Purchased 7 years ago
    How much yarn and what size needles. very poor translation.
  • huggywell Purchased 8 years ago
    Badly written pattern, a waste of money!
  • susan-bruner Purchased 8 years ago
    The pattern just says "pick up" - does that mean Cast On?
    Also, when you say on page 1 "Row 2 - stitch - edge stitch, 2. stitch - purl stitch, make one and purl stitch knitting, loop"
    Does that mean, "slip first stitch,p1, m, p13, m1 p1, turn?"
    Very confusing pattern.
    Thank you
  • Rachey Purchased 8 years ago
    The worst knitting pattern I have ever bought ! it doesn't tell you about the wool or needles needed and I don't understand the pattern. A complete waste of money, paper and ink !
  • spbuckler Purchased 8 years ago
    Also so you have this pattern in English and for adults for knitting (not crocheted)?
  • spbuckler Purchased 8 years ago
    The pattern starts off without saying weight of yarn, needle size, amount of yarn needed... Can you please help?
  • toni-peterson Purchased 8 years ago
    I have bought this pattern but can't print it out. Why won't it print out?
  • ann-bryant Purchased 8 years ago
    Do you NOT reply???
  • ann-bryant Purchased 8 years ago
    I would like to know what size needles to use The sizes you use are not clear size1 1 to 3 mos. ?? Does that mean size one needles?
  • juliedrow Purchased 8 years ago
    I purchased a pattern and downloaded it but cannot access it. How do I access it???
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