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  • angela-eurton 3 years ago
    I have a question if you wouldn't mind.
    Could you extend this pattern about another 30-45cm so that it would hit at about the hip area? I'd be happy to purchase
    The pattern a second time if you could
    do something like that. I am just not too good at adding to the pattern so that the
    Pattern stays the same. One other thing,
    If it isn't too much trouble? Do you have a Hooded Shawl pattern? Or just a hood
    Pattern that I could attach to a shawl like
    This one?
    Thank you so very much,
    You can email me at
    • MorbenDesign Author angela-eurton 3 years ago
      Hi. At the end of the written pattern you find which rows you can repeat to get a bigger shawl. In my example I did not crochet all reaping rows. So your shawl will be bigger than mine when you do all 80 rows. And even after row 80 you should be able to repeat again row 21-34 and then 15-40
      At the moment I don't have a pattern for a hooded shawl or a hood. Sorry.
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