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Author: HC-Haekelzauber
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CALOMEL is a character from my fictional story.
The instructions are described in detail and illustrated.

Here is the story for those who want to read it ...

Calomel is a mischievous little forest fairy and his favorite pastime is exploring the most hidden places in the forest. He lives in the forest with many other fairies. The main task of the fairies is to protect a very special seed called "light". Thanks to this seed, nature will be brought back to life in the event of a possible extinction. Since this seed has infinite power, it must not fall into bad hands. Its existence is kept top secret, and the fairies only find out about it when they are of legal age.
Calomel is very curious and suspects that the adults have a secret. The little forest fairy keeps asking the grown-ups questions, but just doesn't get the answer he's looking for ... One day he solves the riddle by chance, with excitement he tells the secret of his best friend Shila, but doesn't know that the wicked witch is just listening ... so begins the great adventure and the battle between good and bad ...

Skills Required / What You'll Receive


Size Information

30 cm

Materials List

Cotton yarn,
eyes 8 mm
Hook 2 mm

Additional Details by the Author

My Patterns are protected by copyright; the copyrights are only with Halime Civelek. The sale, duplication, exchange and publication (including translations) of the manual (including publication on the Internet) is prohibited. The sale of the finished figure is allowed. German copyright applies!


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