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Living on a tight budget and keen on patterns - your best options

When you live on a tight budget, but still want to buy those beautiful patterns, there a several possiblities to save money and to earn extra money on the side.

Maximize your available account balance

Use the prepaid deposit

Please remember, you get a 5% discount for each purchase, when using our prepaid deposit. If you top up with 10 Euro, you can buy patterns worth 10,50 Euro. If you top up more money, the discount adds up.

Top up Worth while spending
20 Euro 21 Euro
30 Euro 31,50 Euro
40 Euro 42 Euro
50 Euro 52,50 Euro
100 Euro 105 Euro


Top up with coupons from sweepstakes

From time to time we offer coupons, for example for best comments / reviews on patterns.

Do your best, write a helpful comment and with a bit of luck you'll get rewarded with some extra money for DIY patterns. Read about coupon news in the community and in the newsletter.


Shop during SALE - up to 50% off per pattern.

Just keep your eyes open, read the newsletter and make a good bargain.

Sell patterns

If you really like to crochet, knit or craft, then it would be a great thing to write your own patterns and earn some money on the side. Please click here for further information.