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  • Brigitte2307 vor 4 Jahren
    Sehr gut das Katzenbett! Ich hab es fürr kleinen Hund gemacht
  • SonadoraKreativlabor Autor vor 5 Jahren
    Unfortunately this pattern is only availible in German by now. But there's lots of pictures in it, so maybe you are able to figure it out even without knowing the language? Stiches used are: LM...Luftmasche...chain stitch KM... Kettmasche...slip stitch FM...feste Masche...single crochet And the main stich used for the bed is called "star stitch" in English, as far as I know. I hope this will help, at least a little :)
  • jnfrsmith vor 5 Jahren
    Is there a way to get the patterns in English? If I download a free pattern will it be in English?
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