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  • TBeeCosy Author 8 years ago
    TIP ON PRINTING: The gift pattern envelop, to store your pattern in, which is supplied together with the pattern download (the first page) & the pattern itself
    First set your printer to “Fit on Page” and select “Print Both sides (Long Edge)”
    ENVELOPE (1st page)
    1. Tell the printer to only print the 1st page
    2. Cut out the envelop along lines (see faint grey lines and along the bottom green line, of page)
    3. Fold along lines, as indicated (faint grey lines) – glue where indicated i.e. bottom and side flap
    1. Set your printer to “Fit on Page” & select “Print Both sides (Long Edge)” & select it to print on
    DRAFT, then tell the printer to print from the 2nd page to the end
    2. Fold your knitting pattern into half: (the top to the bottom & then again into half: left side to the
    right side) i.e. it will be folded into 1/4 of it size, and viola, fits into your envelop
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