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  • deanna-healy Purchased 3 years ago
    no directions! how do yu put the dog together and add the hair
  • karoline-mullerhendriks 3 years ago
    Het lukt mij niet om met idals te betalen
  • del-855652 Purchased 3 years ago
    Should have read the comments before I purchased it Why can't the maker give more directions. I would have paid more
  • cimarmj Purchased 4 years ago
    Waste of money. Doesn’t explain nothing : / you better look the free patterns on the net
  • CynthiiaGmz Purchased 4 years ago
    I just bought this pattern but it doesn't says how many stitches to have to make in each row, it only says the total stitches at the end of the row... I'm not a soothsayer to guess the stitches. This is the worst pattern and I've ever bought. This patterns either says anything about how to make the hair... such a waste of money
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