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  • NannyJo55 Purchased 7 years ago
    I cannot understand your wording for the rump section at all! Where are the marked 9???is that 4 on each side of the centre? What is the acceptance point? None of this makes any sense?? You did not answer my previous question but between the two links you sent me I figured it out but this has got me stumped! Please provide the information requested.
  • NannyJo55 Purchased 7 years ago
    On the backside of the sock, Row 1 for the 36/37 size it shows 21 sc however I have 26 open stitches so does that mean the sc don't reach all the way to the end? It's hard to tell from your pics if it does or not but to me it seems like it should and if so that means I have too many sc from doing the front part of the sock. Following the pattern it looks like there is no change until the 11th row and I have 48 sc in total.....hope you can understand my question...thanks
  • dancindoll1953 7 years ago
    I recently purchased this pattern. It is written using wool yarn. Have you written a version using Acrylic Worsted weight yarn? I don't usually crochet with wool and I really want to make these slippers. They are super cute.
  • shephardpatty 7 years ago
    I love the sneaker pattern but need this in the U.S sizes and the yarn and needle if possible. I would purchase but it's in the UK size any help would be appreciated thank you in advance
  • katie1277 8 years ago
    Won't download after I paid. Please help
  • gloreese 8 years ago
    Like the look of this pattern but need US sizing and US standards for comparable yarns. Any plans for these additions to pattern? Your patterns are very attractive but to reach significant US market, need these two additions to patterns. Thank you!
  • AWood 8 years ago
    Do you have this pattern in English and if so, what is the cost in Canadian Dollars please and thanks.
  • mamashearer 8 years ago
    Is this pattern, when downloaded, in the English language?
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