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  • Ingrid030 Purchased 3 months ago
    The advertisement says you're buying a blanket pattern. After buying it, I discovered that I bought only part 1 of the blanket. Not happy with that!!
    • WuidkatzDesign Author Ingrid030 3 months ago
      The Advertisment Was set by Crazypatterns, so If they made a mistake please write them. But the Name of the blanket IT is described as "yearblanket" and the Description says: The KAL starts on January 27th, 2021 - and runs until December 27th, 2021 That means there will be 12 parts and the new parts will always appear on the 27th of the month during the day, unfortunately I cannot give you a fixed time!
  • fleurdodd Purchased 3 months ago
    Pattern stated "loose -4.0 normal -4.5. Tight 5.0" both in us English and German versions, this is incorrect and should be " loose -5.0. Normal -4.5. Tight - 4.0"
    • WuidkatzDesign Author fleurdodd 3 months ago
      No, you're on the wrong way. If you're crocheting loose you should take a 4.0 If you're crocheting normal you should thake a 4.5 And of you're crocheting thight you should take a 5.0


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