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  • Haleiwa Purchased 8 months ago
    Kann man die auch Grösse machen??
    • Locke0815 Author Haleiwa 8 months ago
      Die Bäumchen auf meinen Fotos (nach der Anleitung und mit dem angegebenen Garn gehäkelt) sind ca. 12 cm hoch. In der Anleitung ist auch beschrieben, wie man sie größer oder kleiner häkelt.
      If you follow the instructions with the mentioned yarn, the tree will be about 12 cm. In the instruction I also explain how to make the tree larger or smaller.
  • alexandra-kluber Purchased 1 years ago
    Habe schon 3 dieser süßen Bäumchen
    gemacht und alle verschenkt .
    Alle haben sich sehr gefreut über dieses Bäumchen.
    Sehr einfach anzufertigen .
  • Lindylew Purchased 1 years ago
    Lovely pattern, thank you. I bought Hobbycraft battery tealights but unfortunately the light doesn't get through the wool ruffles. But it looks lovely even without the glow. Very pleased with detailed instructions
    • Locke0815 Author Lindylew 1 years ago
      Thank you so much!
      You could try a bigger hook, so the stitches are not so tight and the light gets through easier.
      A small chain of LED lights could also work, if you slide the bulbs through the stitches from the inside and hide the batterie compartment inside the tree.
      Happy Christmas :)
  • natalie-germonie Purchased 1 years ago
    Danke, ich habe gefunden 👍☺️
  • natalie-germonie Purchased 1 years ago
    Hallo , ist die Beschreibung auch in Deutsch erhältlich? Danke
  • ridetheriver Purchased 1 years ago
    Have bought several patterns from you, however never got any to download.
    Thankfully I only loaded 13.00 or so
    • Locke0815 Author ridetheriver 1 years ago
      You bought several patterns from different authors. Please contact the crazypatterns support. If a download doesnt start, it is a problem that only the support can fix.
      Thank you :)
  • elajohi 2 years ago
    Wie groß werden die Bäume mit der 4er Nadel in etwa?
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