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  • colleen-mccullough Purchased 3 years ago
    I am trying to make a payment with pay pal for the knitted bells. The pay pal account is my sons, when I check out it replys not scott. I don't usually have trouble making a payment with my sons account
    • LittleOwlsHut Author colleen-mccullough 3 years ago
      Hello. I'm sorry to hear you are having problem paying for the pattern. Unfortunately I do not own this site and have no idea how Crazy Patterns accept and process payments. You should ask Crazy Patterns directly why there is problem with the payment. I do not have acsess to the payment page at all.
  • denise-guthrie 6 years ago
    I have purchased this item but am unable to download it
    • LittleOwlsHut Author denise-guthrie 3 years ago
      That is strange.
      I do not own the site. I just sell here. You should ask Crazy Patterns why you are not able to download it ;-(
      Maybe they have already solved the problem.
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