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How to upload a pattern

Have you compiled your own pattern and would like to upload it on Crazypatterns? This is a step by step guide on how to do it.

Log in first 

In case you do not have an account yet, you can create one here or click "Register for free" on top of the page. If you are already registered, you simply need to log in.

Once you have logged in with your username and password, you can get started with uploading your patterns. By default, you are first registered as a buyer, so you have to change your account settings in order to become an author. Find out more about this in our tutorial on Become an author

After having changed your account type in your settings, you can start uploading your patterns. Since you have changed your account type, you will now find the following options if you click "Account"

You can always look up your account details, the number of your patterns as well as the total number of sold patterns under "My Store". Click "Upload" if you wish to upload a pattern.

First of all, you need to choose a category:

  • Crocheting,

  • Knitting,

  • Sewing,

  • Tinkering

  • Other

In order to do so, click the field "Please choose a category" and choose one from the drop-down menu.

Once you have chosen a suitable category, you will be automatically redirected to the next page. In case the automatic referral does not work, click the blue button that says "Next step". Describe your pattern with an informative title.

Providing a title and description for your pattern is compulsory, which means that you have to fill these blanks. The title must not exceed 50 characters. Please make sure that the technique is mentioned in the title. For example: "Crocheting pattern for blue-white baby shoes". The title of your pattern on Crazypatterns helps to attract the customer’s attention just like the headlines in a newspaper do.

You can go into more detail in your product description. It is crucial to include the following information:

  • Which item is it about?

You must have good images for your product page. However, a few descriptive words about the item are also helpful. Furthermore, it does not hurt to specify that the buyer will only purchase a pattern that teaches him or her to do it on his or her own rather than the finished item. If you like, you can also state that you accept orders, if requested. This means that you would produce the product for the customer and get paid for it.

  • Requirements to follow the pattern:

Is the pattern aimed at beginners or more advanced people? Which techniques does the buyer have to know to be capable of following the pattern? Are the techniques described sufficiently? Does the customer need any further material in order to complete the pattern, as for example a chrochet hook, knitting needle or wool? These are all things you should specify in the product description.

  • Copyright information for the pattern as well as guidelines about selling the finished product

It is always a good idea to mention that buyers are not allowed to spread, publish or sell your pattern, neither in parts nor in full. You should also mention what you allow buyers to do with the items they produce with your pattern. Are they allowed to sell them? If so, only at local markets or also on the internet? Do you want your shop to be linked or your name to be mentioned if the finished items are sold? This might even be some free advertisement for you.

Tip: If you do not know how to go about this, have a look at the product descriptions of other sellers. It is a good idea to include this information in your product description since most buyers probably do not read your FAQ (if you have any).

Example of a product description: Crochet Baby Ribbed Booties /Shoes / Slippers/ PDF Pattern 125/ Size 0-12 months

You are now ready to upload your files. Read the notes (in blue boxes) under "Files" to find out about the recommended size and quality of your files.

Upload your files:

Upload all files that belong to the pattern:

First off, you need a good preview image in .png or .jpg format. Upload an informative image of the finished product that can be crafted using your pattern. The image will automatically be resized and cropped.

These four small images are examples of preview images. They provide an overview for the user and also catch his or her attention. Customers are more likely to click your product page if your preview image is eye-catching and of high quality. Make sure you create a good contrast, e.g. a light product on a dark background or vice versa.

Gallery images

In addition to your preview image, you need a few images for the gallery of your product page. These should also be in .png or .jpg format and must be zipped before you upload them.

ZIP-Archive of all Files Including pattern 

Next, you will need a ZIP archive with the PDF file that contains your pattern.

In any case,patterns must be converted to PDF and then be zipped before they are uploaded. This helps to prevent problems when opening the files. How you can create a zip-file is dependent on your operating system. You can look it up using Google or some other search engine in order to find out how it works on your computer. Simply enter your operating system and the keyword "Creating a ZIP-File/Archive".

Tip: You can also include videos and .jpeg files in your patterns. Each file may be of any size smaller than 500 MB, which is usually enough. Please contact our support team if you wish to upload more extensive patterns.

Specify category and further information

Below we have collected all our categories as well as their sub-categories for you. Choose the category which best describes your pattern. The image below shows an extract of all categories:

Set categories

To make sure your pattern is displayed in a suitable category, you should not choose more than two categories. An example: If you want to upload a pattern on heart-shaped cushions, set it to "Home & Decor -> Cushions & Pillowcases" as well as to "Holidays -> Valentine’s Day". You could also think it suitable for "Mother’s Day" and "Birthday" and you could thus also choose those categories. We will then check whether your pattern is suitable to be displayed there.

Please consider carefully which category best fits your pattern.

Specify file type

Once you have chosen categories for your pattern, you should specify which file type you offer it in. If you have more files than just a PDF, like for example videos or images, this is the place to mention it.

Choose language

At the moment, we offer German and English pattern. If your pattern is written in a language other than these two, you can mention it here. You should of course only choose one language per pattern.


Tags are responsible for displaying your pattern when relevant keywords are searched. This helps potential customers to find your pattern in the first place. Here are examples of well-chosen tags:

  • Which technique is used: sewing pattern/crocheting pattern/knitting pattern/tinkering pattern

  • Which product: cap/scarf/loop/amigurumi etc.

  • Which material is used: wool/cotton/silk etc.

  • What kind of product is it: accessories/clothing/decor

Tip: It is worthwhile to set as many tags as possible. The upper limit is 15 tags. Pattern with no suitable tags cannot be found easily by users and might thus not be sold often.

Message to the editorial staff

This is where you can add a comment for the administrator or the technical support of Crazypatterns if there is something you would like to mention.

Suggest a selling price

Here you can specify the price you would like to receive for your pattern. However, the final decision about this is the responsibility of the administrator or technical support team. Your suggestion will usually be respected. If there are obvious typos or insanely high or low prices, we might get back to you to discuss the price again.

If you wish to upload a free pattern, you can do so at any time. Our users love free pattern and they might give you a lot of exposure and act as a promotion for your paid patterns. Simply tick the box "Free patterns".

We are happy about each and every pattern, no matter whether it is free or paid!

Once you have filled in all the blanks, go back and check whether you have entered everything correctly. If you are sure, click the blue button that says "Create product" or save your settings under "Save draft" so that you can edit them later. As soon as the administrator has activated your pattern, you can get started selling.

We wish you many sales and of course happy customers who will recommend your shop to others.