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Get your own account and thus instant access to thousands of e-books with instructions for various kinds of DIY patterns now.

New e-books are uploaded every day – no more boredom

Get your free account right now and enjoy all the advantages your convenient supplier for e-books with instructions for crocheting, knitting, sewing and further DIY techniques is pleased to provide you. You can both buy e-books here and, if you like, upload your own e-books and earn good money.

How does it work – upload and download

The authors produce tutorials, upload them as e-books and / or videos so that the customers can buy them or download them for free. Those tutorials come with pictures for every step on the way to the finished product and with detailed information. While following the instructions the customer is able to produce the specific item as described in the e-book, e.g. toys, stuffed animals, clothes or decoration.

For buyers – why you should get your account now & top up your deposit

  • Find at least one pretty e-book with a tutorial every time you visit the shop.
  • Learn new DIY techniques with the step by step tutorials. Great pictures, good information and sometimes even videos are included.
  • Just follow the instructions as described and your desired object will soon be finished by your own hands.
  • Get better constantly and learn more about your favorite DIY techniques.
  • Never miss what's in fashion with our newsletter.
  • Lots of e-books are for free. With a basic account you can download them and don't have to spend money at all. But if you really want to explore the whole beautiful world of DIY on Crazypatterns you should top up your prepaid deposit.
  • E-books sold via Crazypatterns are worth their price and the prices are always reasonable. Top up right now, download all the free e-books and then purchase the best e-books in the shop.
  • Instant download: You can download your desired e-book right after you purchased it complete. Free e-books can also be downloaded instantly.
  • Tutorials come as PDF, therefore they are easy to work with. Video-Download is super easy too.
  • Each author has a shop of his or her own, so you can easily head for all the new e-books of your favorite authors.
  • As Crazypatterns got bigger and bigger, we could win over many new authors. That's why there are lots of different types of e-books and stunning and unique ideas for items you can make all by yourself.
  • A lot of our customers buy frequently. Once you start you'll come & buy again and again to discover more great e-books.
  • Authors answer customers' questions as a part of their service. Customers can rate each e-book and write a comment with their opinion and their experiences with the specific e-book and they can upload pictures of their finished item in order to get compliments and comments from others on Crazypatterns.
  • The Crazypatterns editors check on all the items in the marketplace to make sure they are in good quality and easy to understand. Please feel free to contact your author via private message or a comment on the product page if you have any questions or problems while producing the specific item as described in the tutorial.
  • To top up your prepaid-account please click on the button with your name in the upper right corner and then click on „deposit“. Select your desired amount of money and pay with PayPal or a bank wire. If you buy frequently, the 5 % discount on every item paid with our prepaid-service adds up.
  • Our authors are mostly part time working on e-books besides their day job or stay at home moms earning some extra money with something they absolutely love. As Crazypatterns got bigger we could win over more and more authors. That's why there are lots of different types of authors with stunning + unique ideas and e-books. That's why being a part of Crazypatterns and shopping for e-books here is really worthwhile.

For authors – why you should start uploading your own e-books on Crazypatterns today

  • Upload your e-books and they will sell on their own. The system does all the work when it comes to selling and downloading, there is no need to send e-books in an email attachment. You just have to answer questions about your e-books, in case a customer needs help.
  • The share of earnings for the e-book sales will be transferred to your deposit on Crazypatterns immediately after the complete purchase.
  • A lot of our customers buy frequently, you can acquire your own regular customers and a good reputation.
  • You get your own shop, where you can write about yourself and your background. Customers can find all of your e-books in your shop in one place.
  • Crazypatterns advertises for you and offers you further possibilities for advertising frequently.
  • Exchange of experiences with other authors is possible at any given time. There is a special corner in the community only for authors with a lot of handy tips for all aspects of producing and selling e-books.

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