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How to rate patterns

Your feedback and your ratings are important for our authors, because they want to improve their patterns for your convenience. Please let us know if you liked a pattern and if it was easy to work with. If your experience with a particular patterns isn't that good, please don't hesitate to include that into your comment.

Hint: Technical problems while downloading or opening files should not be a part of ratings. Please talk to our support. https://www.crazypatterns.net/en/contacts

Gettting started with rating

To make the rating as easy as possible follow the instructions as written here step by step. Choose your favorite option.

Rate a patterns on the product page – with or without purchasing

You can rate each pattern on it's product page. It doesn't matter if you bought the pattern or not, if you have an opinion about this specific patterns, let us know.

Click on "Votes" to read all comments or click on „Comments“ to make your own.

When clicking on „Votes“ this is your next page. Click on „Review pattern“ and get started.

When clicking on „Comments“ your next step looks like that:

For more information on your chosen pattern and yet another way to rate it, just click on „More“ as shown here:

After clicking on „More“ there are more details about the chosen pattern, for example about language and files. Below the characteristics there is another button for reviewing the pattern.

If you ever want to read your own review again, you can find it under “My review”.

Rate with stars

When writing a review, you can also award the patterns some stars. 5 or 4 stars are suitable for a very good pattern, 3 for an average pattern and 2 or 1 for a pattern, that did not satisfy you. If you ever want to award a pattern with just 2 or 1 stars, please be fair and leave a comment to let the author know what you didn't like.

Hint: If you had technical problems, downloading or opening a pattern, please contact our support before rating.

Rate with a comment

There is no need to write a whole novel, but a few words would be great. Please be fair and kind if possible, there is no need for insults. If there was something wrong with the pattern, let the author know. Authors rewrite patterns, if needed. If there is a new version of your charged pattern, you can always download it again.

Comment without rating

You can always comment on a pattern or ask for more information if you have questions.


When you are done with stars and your comment, click on the red button „Send review“.

Thanks for your rating.

Changed your mind after rating the pattern?

If you ever change your mind about a rating, just edit your own rating by clicking on your own review.

I hope your comment contains more constructive information than mine. If you ever want to edit your comment, just click on the button as shown in the picture above, delete with the trash can.

Rate after purchasing or after following the instructions as written in the pattern?

You can rate the pattern, whenever you like and you can always change your mind.

Want to rate not only one pattern, but more and don't have much time?

Instead of rating each pattern on the particular product page, you can click on your own account in the upper right corner and then on „Downloads“ or „Reviews“.

After clicking on your account, there will be more information available as shown in the picture below.

Choose your path and rate your items.

Do you have questions or technical problems?

Please contact our support team - use our contact form