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vrijdag 20 april 2018 om 23:27
Beste, ik heb 2 dagen geleden een patroontje aangekocht , ik denk dat ik het in het Engels heb besteld.is het mogelijk om dit in het Nederlands te verkrijgen? Hartelijk dank 
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zaterdag 21 april 2018 om 11:41

not all patterns areautomatically available in all languages.
It always depends on whether the individual author of that pattern is able to provide it
in several languages - there's no computer translating it

Generally, a good indicator is the language ofthe description text itself - if that is in English, then the pattern
should be as well. If not, then chances are the pattern isn't either.

Please get in touch with the author of the pattern and ask if he or she can give you a translation. You can write a  message by clicking on the contact-button in the author's store.

For further questions our  team is always at your disposal

Kind regards
CrazyPatterns Support Team
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