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  • colette-pinfield Purchased 21 days ago
    This pattern is worded very differently to every other crochet pattern I’ve ever done.
    2 sc in each 2 sc (12)
    Instead of;
    1sc, 1 increase x6 (12)
    The font used also makes it difficult to read.
    Once used to the way in which it is written it’s worked very well so far.
    However I’m currently stumped on section 8 which reads; crochet 20 sc on top of the shoe
    But which row to start on?
    Which stitch on that row to start on?
    What stitch to use to join the thread to the work? And where do I place each of those 20 single crochets?
    Photos provided show how the shoe should look but give no clue as to where to start and finish these 20 single crochets.
    • LenaDelva Author colette-pinfield 21 days ago
      Yoou have to crochet a circle of 20 sc on top of the shoe, the smallest part.
      I hope this helps :-)
      Kind regards Lena
      • colette-pinfield Purchased LenaDelva 21 days ago
        Yes. I understand that. The pattern says exactly that and the photos of the finished shoes shows this.
        What none of this does however is actually say:
        -Which row and stitch to start on.
        -What stitch to use to attach thread to the work
        -Which stitches in which rows to place the first 20 sc.
        Poor instruction.
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