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  • annette-spidy Purchased 1 months ago
    You have sent me the instructions in German. ... not much good to me, please resend an English version. Thank you!
    • Wollness-Designs Author annette-spidy 1 months ago
      Hi, Hello, the pattern and it is available in English. There are two options to get the correct language. The first option is to download the complete zip folder and unzip it. The second one is to log in to your account and click on download. Choose the pattern and click on the blue button "Download". Then click on the next blue button "View files". Now you can see all of the translations that are provided for the pattern and among them is also the English translation. Please find more help for purchase and download of patterns with these links: https://www.crazypatterns.net/en/help-use https://www.crazypatterns.net/en/faq Kind regards Michaela
  • Wollness-Designs Author 1 years ago
    English pattern now available! ☺
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