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  • maureen-birch Purchased 3 months ago
    This pattern is really badly translated. After someone else asking about American needle sizes I am wondering if I should be using larger than 3.5 (eng) for the rib. I have had to increase stitches as looks very narrow. Also knitting the rib/cuff 40 to50cm long seems far too long. I'm of average size but 50cm is my full arm. Think it will be fairly easy to alter but now realise I prob haven't bought enough wool. Please confirm about needles before I knit any more . Thanks
  • A_Jones76 Purchased 1 years ago
    I might have missed this information, and, if so, I do apologise, but I could not see a reference to
    yarn weight. Could you let me know, please. Because of the size of needles, I am guessing Aran or the equivalent, but I wonder could you confirm that, or otherwise let me know the correct answer. I am in the UK.
  • carolyn-quevy Purchased 1 years ago
    I have another question. On the instruction page showing increases, is the instruction to knit across the entire row. When you increase for row one further down the page, it said to knit again which will cause a garter stitch row if using regular needles, not circular needles. Instructions do not say to change two circular needles. Also, are needle sizes in mm or US size? I am from the US. Thanks for your help!
  • carolyn-quevy Purchased 1 years ago
    I just purchased your scarf with sleeves pattern and have a question. I did not see the edge stitch style instructions that you used. Could you please provide this to me. Your picture has a very pretty edge so need to know what your pattern is for this.Thank you!
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