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  • moochersmom Purchased 1 years ago
    Hi. I am almost finished this shawl but I can’t get rows 50 & 51 to line up at the 1dc ch1 dc area. If I do row 50 according to the pattern, when I try to do row 5s, I have 1 extra dc on the right side of the 1dc ch 1dc centre and am short 1dc on the left side. Please help because I want to finish it.
  • moochersmom Purchased 1 years ago
    Hi. It’s me again. Forget about what I said in my last comment about stitch counts. As I get further into the pattern I realize you have plenty of stitch counts. Just ignore everything except the part about what an exceptionally well written pattern this is. I looked up more of your patterns and realized I’ve already made some. One of my favourites is Lolita Pepper which I’ve made several times.
  • moochersmom Purchased 1 years ago
    I am currently working on this shawl and am really enjoying it. It is an extremely well written pattern. Very easy to follow. The only thing is, it would have been nice to have a stitch count after rows 14, 22, 30, 38 & 46. Do you have any more shawl patterns that have bee translated to English?
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