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  • Maschen-mit-Liebe Author 5 years ago
    thank you for your translation :-) I will fix this!
  • mpegsmith 5 years ago
    Hi, in the USA this type of scarf is commonly called an Infinity Scarf. This is a beautiful pattern. Can't wait to purchase!
  • Maschen-mit-Liebe Author 5 years ago
    no, you're completely right. The translation from the German word "loop" is snood. I found the same on Google as I searched for the right translation. It's a closed scarf. If you have a better word to describe it, please let me know :-)
  • bagodonuts 5 years ago
    According to Webster's, a snood is a band or covering for the hair--this appears to be a scarf or cowl. Am I missing something?
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