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  • Imirochet Purchased 5 years ago
    Hi leem I am a bit confused here when i repeat 7 hdc skip 2 at the end of the round therebis only 4 sts to go is that ok?
  • beverlyconran Purchased 5 years ago
    Thank you for your reply , sorry I did not see the info! Now I have another thing to ask you, when joining yarn ( the 9hdc) I am confused, where exactly do I join? I can't seem to grasp what the instructions are asking me to do. Do I start the count from the 7 hdc and the 2 hdc in the shell next to it? Thank you for helping! I love the pattern so far!..............Beverly
  • beverlyconran Purchased 5 years ago
    Hello : How do you determine which size for these slippers? I do not see different number of sts for each different size/ Thanks
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