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Monday, October 17, 2016 at 6:01 PM
Dear users, dear authors,
everyone has wool oddments. Don't throw them away, keep them, collect them and create something really beautiful with them. Our patterns especially designed for wool oddments teach you how you can craft pretty items with them.

please present your patterns for wool oddments using a nice pic, a link and text for each pattern.
Information about further required materials, techniques, level of difficulty
and what's special about the pattern have to be written down. May you all do well.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 10:12 AM
There is still only a german pattern in my shop, but if you like it, I'll translate it for you within a day

You'll need some rests of yarn and a corresponding hook (size is not really relevant - you may use what you have)

Click on the picture an the pattern will be yours soon. Write a personal notice and ask for translation.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 10:36 AM
Still only a projekt, but I wish to share it with you, because it is a nice way to work away all those yarns, that do not fit for any big project.

I plan to make an arm knitted loop. Wondering where I'll get the big wool for it, I asked google and crossed over this video. It's in german but don't care - just look at the fingers and you'll understand.

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Mode für starke Frauen und Babys - Klick auf das Bild und hol sie dir!

   Hier kannst du kostenlos testen.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 11:32 AM
Use your wool oddments to crochet pretty, colorful and useful baskets!
Very versatile pattern: instructions for 3 sizes and 2 heights with 3 patterned versions!
Baskets are ideal as gift wrapping, utensilo, bread or fruit basket and decoration!


  • Step-by-Step instructions with lots of pictures
  • pattern for using yarn rests
  • instructions for edge with zig-zag-pattern
  • instructions for bobble-edge
  • instructions for ball-edge
  • tutorials for magic ring, invisible join technique, changing colors, and more
Skill Level:
  • basic basket version: easy
  • patterns for edge: easy - intermediate
  • Cotton Yarn Worsted Weight (s.a. Schachenmayr Catania Grande) Usage: small basket: approx. 70 g, medium: approx. 100g, large: approx. 120 g)
  • Crochet Hook Nr. 4,5 mm (US 7 or G)
  • small basket: ø 13 cm (5.12 inch), height: 5 cm /7 cm
  • (2 inch/2.76 inch)
  • medium basket: ø 18 cm (7.09 inch), height: 5,5 cm/ 7,5 cm
  • (2.17 inch/2.96 inch)
  • large basket: ø 23 cm (9.06 inch), height: 7,5cm / 9,5 cm
  • (2.96 inch/3.74 inch)
Used Stiches:
  • basic basket version: sl st, ch, sc
  • patterns for edge: sl st, ch, sc, hdc, dc

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 7:19 PM
We all have them, small oddments of yarn here and there, too good to just throw away. So why not turn them into something nice?
For example:

A set of egg cozies "Funny Breakfast Monsters" (Crochet Pattern)

They're funny, quick and easy to make and will wake up even the sleepiest family member :-D

All you need is about 15-20g of yarn (e.g. Schachenmayr Catania), a crochet hook size 3.5 (E) and some black beads 6mm or 8mm for the eyes.

This pattern is especially suitable for beginners since it only uses basic stitches (like single crochet and double crochet) and you will see first results fairly quickly. But beware, once you've started creating these little monsters, you won't be able to stop - they're so much fun to make! :-)

This way to the pattern: 


Or are you looking for a little gift for child who's just learning their numbers? Then perhaps here's an idea:

Amigurumi "Mia, the math-loving little owl" (Crochet Pattern)

Mia is smart, cute and witty. But most of all, she just LOVES her numbers. So much that she just can't wait to help your child learn their numbers, too. With her shiny wooden beads and her funny looks, learning has never been more fun than with Mia.

She's also very quick and easy to make, using only basic stitches and about 15-20g of any color yarn you like (e.g. Schachenmayr Catania and a crochet hook size 3.5 / E). The 20 beads should be in at least 2 different colors and big enough to slide over the yarn with ease.

This way to the pattern:


Or are you looking for some nice little flower ornaments to decorate your clothes, bags, pillows, table cloths, ... ?

Then how about these "Flowers and Leaves" (Crochet Pattern)

Give your leftover pieces of yarn a new purpose in life and turn them into one of these 5 different flowers or matching leaves (all contained in this one pattern). You'll only need a few yards of yarn for each flowers and you can practically use any type of yarn you have. Just try different variations and see which ones you like best.

This pattern is a good practice especially for beginners since these flowers are very quick and easy to make, require only basic skills and yet look gorgeous and will brighten up any garment or deco item.

Just give it a try! - And you'll want to keep making more and more of these sweet little flowers :-D

This way to the pattern:

I hope I could give inspiration on what to do with your oddments of yarn.
If you'd like to see more, just visit my shop: https://www.crazypatterns.net/de/store/AramisvonK 

I like

Mehr Anleitungen für niedliche Amigurumis und praktische Kleinigkeiten findest Du in meinem Shop:
Schau doch gleich mal vorbei. Ich freue mich auf Deinen Besuch!


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