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Pirate hat

Monday, November 11, 2019 crochetfantasy Posts Store
Pirate hat. You can dress up a doll or other toy as a pirate! Materials: - a small amount of black yarn (I used Cotton yarn 450 m/ 100 g.) - a small amount of white yarn (I used Cotton yarn 450 m/ 100 g.) - A crochet hook. I used 1.0 mm - Needle - Black gel pen Read more »

«Mouse in Cheese» Potholder

Monday, October 28, 2019 crochetfantasy Posts Store
«Mouse in Cheese» Potholder Materials: The same thickness yarn. I have acrylic 220m/100g Yellow, grey, brown colour yarn A crochet hook. I used 1.5mm crochet hook A sewing needle Matching sewing threads Black and pink colour embroidery yarn/thread Beads for eyes (I used 6 mm) Read more »

Spider and web

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 crochetfantasy Posts Store
Spider and web. Interesting decoration for Halloween. Materials: - For the web - a small amount of white yarn (I used Cotton yarn 600 m/ 100 g.) - For the spider - a small amount of black yarn (I used Cotton yarn 450 m/ 100 g.) - A crochet hook. I used 1.0 mm - Thin wire, its length will depend on the thickness of yarn. (I used 1 mm thick wire, about 32 cm long) - Needle - Hollow fiber - All purpose clear transparent glue, e.g. UHU - Beads for decoration (optional) Read more »

Free Crochet Pattern 2 in 1 Beanie and Loop

Monday, October 14, 2019 Leem Posts Store
Free Crochet Pattern 2 in 1 Beanie and Loop. Materials: Yarn Polyacryl 100% (150m-50g) Crochet Hook 3,00mm Sewing needle Abbreviations (US): ch-chain sc-single crochet slst-slip stitch dc-double crochet Read more »

Fairy tale snail

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 crochetfantasy Posts Store
Fairy tale snail. The height of my snail is 9 cm. Materials: - yarn (acrylic, cotton) of same thickness: pink, red and white colours, 10-15 g of each. A little blue and purple yarn. I used cotton 450 m/100 g. - a crochet hook - hollow fiber - eyes - ready made eyes or beads - glue - a sewing needle - wire 1,5 mm in diam. - 30 cm - strong thread for sculpting (for example a tooth floss) - adhesive fabric tape (for example first aid adhesive fabric tape) Read more »

Crochet Pattern Needle Case

Monday, August 19, 2019 Leem Posts Store
Free Crochet Pattern Needle Case Materials: Baby wool 100g=164m Crochet Hook size 5,00 mm Card board Scissor Measuring tape, button, sewing needle Abbreviation (US): DC – Doble Crochet (US) Sl st – slip stitch SC – Single Crochet CH – Chain Read more »

Brooch «Lilac twig»

Friday, May 10, 2019 crochetfantasy Posts Store
Brooch «Lilac twig». Nice flower brooch. Size is approx. 9 cm х 6 cm. Materials: Thin yarn 600 m / 100 g, Colours: beige, purple Thick green yarn for leaf 450 m / 100 g - a hook; - sewing threads; - needle; - yellow beads - bead wire approx. 15 cm - wire for stem approx. 12 cm - thin plastic or cardboard 7 cm х 5 cm - fastener for brooch 2,5 - 3 cm Read more »

Free crochet pattern patches

Friday, April 26, 2019 Leem Posts Store
Free crochet pattern patches. Skill level: Easy Material: yarn scraps Crochet hook 3mm or 2mm Sewing Needle Abbreviations: st-stitch sc-single crochet dc- double crochet sl st- slip stitch ch-chain Read more »

Brooch Dandelion

Sunday, April 21, 2019 crochetfantasy Posts Store
Brooch Dandelion. The size is about 6 cm. Essential materials: For dandelion: - smooth yarn of the same thickness: Colours: beige, white, green White fluffy yarn For ladybug: - thin yarn Colours: red, black - a hook; - filler; - embroidery threads. Colours: black, brown, white. - needle. Read more »

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