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«Starlight Night» Basket

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 AmiToysNini Posts Store
These gorgeous blue and silver colours remind me of a starry sky that hides various treasures. I think this basket resembles a mysterious starlight night. Materials: – Alize aura 100 g/340 m (blue colour) – Alize forever 50 g/280 m (silver color) – 1,25mm crochet hook – a pair of scissors, a sewing needle, a silver clutch purse frame (11,5cm х 4,5 cm) 4.52 "x 1.77", a plastic rectangle (11,5cm х 5,5 cm) 4.52 "x 2.16" The size of the casket is approximately (12 cm x 9 cm х 6 cm) 4.72 "x 3.54" х 2.36 ". Read more »

Organizer "Snail"

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 AmiToysNini Posts Store
This cutie will become a perfect storage place for your little treasures and other bits and pieces. Its little house has got two handy pockets on a sticky tape. Materials – YarnArt Jeans 50gr /160m brown, white, green colours – 1,5mm crochet hook – a needle for sewing, a pair of scissors, hollow fiber filling, 2 small beads or half-beads for the eyes, 0,8mm gauge and 20cm (approx 7,87in) long wire segment, adhesive Backed Hoop & Loop tape 50cm (approx 19,68 in) long. Read more »

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