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Crochet Smurf Pattern


Pattern consist of 15 PAGES text description and lot of pictures.

Pattern language - ENGLISH

The Pattern includes all instructions: how to crochet smurf.

The pattern is written step by step so it is easy to follow instruction

You will fell in love with this smurf…

Smurf approx dimensions:


Height- 31cm

Would make a perfect gift for people of all ages.

Don’t be intimidated on how complex this smurf looks. There are lots of pics in the pattern to help along the way.

You must have a basic understanding on how to crochet because there are not instructions on how to crochet in this pattern. All you really need to know is how to whip stitch :) 
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Chain Stitch 
Single crochet 
Half double crochet 


You will need: 
Cotton thread: turquoise and white – I used „Madame Tricote-Maxi” (I put 2 threads togeather so that they are thicker) 
Hook: 1,75 mm (US size – B or C) 
2 plastic eyes 20mm length and 13 mm width 
Polyester fiberfill for stuffing 
Piece of wire - about 1 meter ( you need flexible wire) 
Black thread (for mouth) 
Stitch marker 
Needle for sewing 
…and of course a good mood! 

Used abbreviations: 
ch – chain 
sc – single crochet 
sl – slip stitch 
increase – work two single crochet in the same stitch from the row below 
decrease – single crochet the next two stitches togeather

Pattern notes: 
You can use a different hook and thread, depending what size you want the smurf to be. 
Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round. Move the marker up each time you start a new round. 
Do not join at the end of each round; rounds are worked in continuous spirals. 
Numbers in brackets () means how much stitches you have in each round.

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